To the editor:

My heart is heavy as I heard that one of the few remaining true family run motels is going to be demolished. 

For the past 20-plus years, we have stayed here with our families. My dad took us, and as life has its way, we took our children, and we just started to bring the next generation. My parents had the joy of watching the grandkids learn to walk and swim here. 

We did the StoryLand, Santa’s Village trek and would rotate each summer. When Dad passed in 2000, we continued the traditional trip to N.H., staying the same week and in the same rooms. Each summer we would see the same people returning. Junge’s created this family environment. Karen, Anna and families made us feel a part of the motel. Sure, it wasn’t a fancy place, but the character and history that came with staying here made up for that. My kids, who are 21 and 26, never once complained about the box TV, (I mean a huge box), and they actually thought the retro carpet, brightly colored furniture and cone-shaped dispenser for cups in the bathroom were cool. The fire extinguishers, you probably never have seen those before, the shag carpets in the upstairs apartment were out of this world. 

Karen and Anna did everything by hand. When we made our reservations last summer, as we did every time we left, we always said, “See you next summer.” Little did we know it was our last. I feel a part of my childhood is gone, and the tribute to our dad is lost as well. 

I am sad that my grandkids will not have the chance to experience our summers at Junge’s, the nostalgia and good people. So in comes 2019. The one thing I know is this year it’s Santa’s Village, and we need a new place to build new memories. Karen and Anna Junge will always have a special place in our hearts. Much love, rooms No.12, No.14, No.15 and No.16.

Patsy Oversmith

Hampden, Maine

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