To the editor:

One thing I have noted about President Donald Trump supporters is that they do not really know who he is or what he is doing. They consistently refuse to listen to those who have been close to him.

His sister, a judge, states he has "no principles." His former lawyer, Michael Cohen, calls him "a predator" and "a con man." Mr. Cohen further described him as bringing out the worst in people. Clearly, Trump supporters choose to remain ignorant, decrying any such information as "fake news." Most of his supporters are middle to lower class, blissfully unaware that what Trump and his Republican cohort are doing will hurt them, and benefit only the most wealthy of Americans.

It is entirely possible that these people have behaviors rooted in a lifetime selectively attending to information and twisting it to fit their beliefs. This altered perception of reality is a common defense against experiencing the emotional pain of being wrong about anything. It is incredibly sad that these people, to their own detriment, are willing to have that unprincipled tyrant continue to destroy this beautiful nation of ours.

Patricia Lovejoy


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I guess Biden supporters preferred to be lied to and swindled by the candidate that appears to be hapless and harmless. When in fact, he has built his own family empire as a career politician. Maybe you missed the FBI and NSA report on the exposed Hunter Biden laptop. They have verified the information to be authentic. But why let the truth get in the way of a well-crafted myth.

Joe has used his family to funnel millions, possibly billions of dollars to ingratiate himself. And it looks as if China has their hooks into him bigley.

At least with Trump, he does what he says and after almost 4 years of of the worlds biggest and longest-lasting proctology exam, they haven't found anything but false claims.


One tRump lawn sign tells me so much about the lack of character and integrity of the heartless inhabitants of the home displaying the sign!

Gregory Wallace

I am well aware of his flaws. The more you do in life the more mistakes you will make and you will get jealous detractors along the way. There will also be people looking to hose you every chance they get. When you become very successful you become a moving target for wannabes and cling ons who become resentful if you do not include them. I know exactly what Trump is doing and I am not a follower of anyone. He is doing exactly what I want and more. What one of cannot say they have never done or said something that they regretted. I know I have but no one is following me around with a microphone or video. Trump will win in a landslide and you silly people will live on in your cloistered world where Joe Biden is not corrupt and is a very alert and focused elderly gentleman who can do no wrong.

D. Kelly

Could not agree with you more Patricia.

So sad that these Trump supporters do not realize he does not care about them, only using them to be sure he gets re-elected. He does not have the ability or compassion to care about anyone else.

It will be a very sad day for our country if he gets four more years of dividing our country using his name calling, lies and deceit. People need to realize the importance of the news media to give us the facts. With Donald Trump convincing his followers it is "fake news" it has cost our country our dignity, our unity, our Democracy and even costing many lives due to COVID. Is our country really better off than four years ago? Please think about this before you vote!


Trump Jr. is also clueless. Yesterday he said that COVID-19 deaths are at "almost nothing." The virus killed more than 1000 Americans yesterday.


Exactly! And it does no good to reason with them! Like him, they think they are the smartest, best educated, most knowledgeable when the truth is the opposite. They are about to find out exactly who snd what he is once the AG of NY gets a hold of him. Will they slink away and disappear? Probably....I personally know no one who proudly claims to have voted for Nixon.....snd we thought he was crooked!

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