To the editor:

If you live in Fryeburg, Lovell, Brownfield, Porter or Hiram, Maine, you have no doubt seen signs saying PROTECT OUR WATER Vote Warren Richardson. He is running for Maine state representative for the people in the tons mentioned above. Warren served alongside me as a trustee of the Fryeburg Water District. During our terms, we both learned a great deal about the aquifer that provides us with good, clean water. We also came to the stark realization that a foreign multibillion-dollar corporation, Nestle, aka Poland Spring, also wants all of this water and, in fact, pumping as much water out of the aquifer as the entire town of Fryeburg uses for its residents and other businesses. It is not just Fryeburg. They want it all, throughout Maine, as there are immense profits to be made while the rest of society bears the costs of keeping it clean, as well as roads used to truck it away.

Nestle is a huge worldwide business with a poor reputation of exploiting natural resources and causing pollution. They see Maine as a great target to exploit the ground water and profit immensely, since Maine is way behind the times when it comes to laws protecting groundwater. Take a minute and do a Google search on Absolute Dominion and you will see what I am talking about!

Most recently, Nestle tried unsuccessfully to open a plastic bottle manufacturing plant in a very rare, fragile and unique ecosystem in Fryeburg. At the public hearings, as a concerned private citizen, Warren gave some very well- thought-out speeches that helped the townspeople digest the information and vote on the issue appropriately.

Warren is taking this information, fueled by his passion, to earn a seat in the Legislature and help bring the ownership of the groundwater to the citizens of Maine. He has the information, tools and enthusiasm to make a big difference for generations to comes. I strongly support him in this endeavor. Please vote for him on Nov. 6. Your vote counts!

Nels Liljedahl

Fryeburg, Maine

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