To the editor:

It appears that Dr. Snyder a/k/a “Mooner Man” is making a futile attempt to be taken seriously in his latest “Snake Oil” letter. Nevertheless, it appears that Snyder suffers from many of the same afflictions that President Donald Trump exhibits, including narcissism and reprehensible public displays, although there is no record of a Trump mooning.

The hard-core parishioners of the two-party religious system seem to vehemently advocate for their party despite their illicit deeds, and Snyder appears to be worshipping the beasts of the Marxist left. Recently, it has been disclosed by the CIA and Director John Brennan that the party of Hillary Clinton and Biden, the one that Snyder worships, was deeply involved in creating the whole Russian collusion against Trump. It was also Republican John McCain who handed the Steele dossier to FBI Director Comey involving President Trump. As you can see, I am not an advocate for the religious zealots of the left or right.

Information regarding this “Soft Coup” was recently revealed in unsealed court filings (see Kramer deposition, Gubarev v. Buzzfeed, Inc., Civil Action No. 17-cv-60426-UU) and hand-written notes by CIA Director John Brenan. Snyder states, this is America, “a republic governed by laws”, but it appears that the lawless, including Clinton, Obama, Biden and their cohorts orchestrated the Russian dossier cabal, and these are the same lawless that Snyder would like you to follow, attempting to persuade us with a spanking of his sun deprived rear-end.

Snyder may have a Ph.D. but he needs to be schooled, because his unrealistic religious zeal for his Marxist leaders do not bode well for the future of small business, including his. Moreover, Snyder takes advantage of the tax code with his LLC, much like Trump, Hillary and Bill Gates have done, and Gates has transferred billions in Microsoft stock tax free into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Why do you think all these people create foundations from the Clintons, Gates, to John McCain? You get to play with the money tax-free while you are espousing economic equality to the rest of us.

Mr. Snyder, using your own words, "you" not us need to come to your senses.

Michael Knudson


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