To the editor:

I’d like to find out where the line in the sand is for Donald Trump supporters.

If you’re still a Trump supporter, please take a minute to write in and let us all know if you would still support Trump if he did anything on the list below via executive order or through his role as commander-in-chief (or any other way). A simple yes or no will suffice. Don’t worry about whether you believe he could or would do it or not. This is about understanding where your support for Trump would end.

• Used military intervention to prevent Congress from meeting.

• Declared martial law.

• Declared there would be no presidential election in 2020.

• Declared he would not leave office after losing the 2020 election.

• Banned the free press.

• Postponed the 2020 presidential election.

• Ordered all federal courts closed.

• Declared the U.S. a monarchy, and himself king.

• Instituted new criteria for voter eligibility.

• Locked up dissenters.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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This dudes off his rocker. I feel like I just watched the sequel of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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