To the editor:

“Follow the money,” said Debra Scialla in a recent letter to the editor. Unfortunately, Debra did not do that very thing, claiming donations to Black Lives Matter were being funneled to ActBlue to fund Democratic party.

Instead she, like many Americans have been doing, swallowed a lie so egregious that even Facebook had to flag it, and the person that posted it (the co-founder of Students for Trump) took it down. Several other conservative commentators have perpetrated the same lie, and Debra’s letter was almost verbatim from the debunked Facebook post.

If Debra or her conservative friends had bothered to actually follow the money, they would see that ActBlue collects donations and passes them on to the charity or non-profit, they don’t take the money for themselves (source So, in actuality, it’s exactly the reverse of the bogus claim. People donate money through ActBlue’s fundraising platform to the charities and non-profits the donor selects, including BLM.

Debra doubles down on her claim by also stating, “They have taken in millions of dollars for BLM and only thousands from those funds are distributed to our inner cities to address problems.”

This is how lies spread, especially by cable TV hosts looking for some sensationalism to drive ratings. Take a grain of truth (ActBlue and BLM have a financial interaction), twist it completely around, add some false information on top of it, and presto, you’ve got a story.

It’s fake, and anyone with a smartphone can debunk it in seconds, but who cares about silly things like facts when we can spread lies to try to suit our twisted, narrow-minded narrative?

Debra also missed the Free Michigan protestors marching on the state house with firearms, some of them automatic. Again, easily verifiable for anyone who cares about facts.

Michael Kerins

North Conway

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Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I never knew these existed until I happened to notice a comment below a letter I was looking up.

I'm not sure how you think you know those weapons are semi-automatic, not automatic, as my understanding is they're easily changed. Either way, carrying a semi-automatic weapon to the state house doesn't look like your intentions are peaceful, so if that's your strongest argument against my letter, that's pretty weak. RetVet, you refer to the BLM protests being mostly peaceful in quotes, as if that's not documented fact. If you're seeing anything that claims they're less than 80% peaceful, you're reading non-factual reporting. I'll take a crowd that gets too wound up and damages some property over angry people carrying deadly weapons any time. Perhaps you didn't see the pictures and video of the State House, the protestors were being restrained as they tried to intimidate legislators...while carrying deadly weapons and screaming at the legislators from close range. Not my idea of a peaceful protest.


Thank you, Michael. I made these same comments on the online version of her letter and had planned to write a response to the editor since no one reads these comments, but didn't get there. The worst part, I think, is that The Sun printed the easily checked lies, thereby spreading them farther.


There were no automatic weapons at the statehouse. They were semi-automatic. When confronting people about facts, you should have yours straight.


More to the point; They were legal firearms at a peaceful protest. No one was injured, no property was destroyed, nothing was set on fire, no businesses were ransacked, no police officers were abused in any way.

The same cannot be said about the BLM, "mostly peaceful protests". As a matter of fact, if we truly are dealing with facts, they were/are riots by every definition of the word.

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