To the editor:

Ery Magasanik and Steve Webster (Letters, Dec. 27, 2019) were quick to jump on me for merely saying the mainstream media and the Democratic National Committee have warped facts into fiction.

Part of my Dec. 24 letter was to say we now know people within the Obama administration lied about and spied on the Donald Trump campaign.

The other point was to say people should take the time to find the real events before condemning this president. Their hatred for President Trump has blinded them to the history of other presidents’ transgressions.

This hatred has made them unable to acknowledge this president’s accomplishments since being in office (despite the constant attacks by the left).

The response from Magasanik and Webster was expected. Calling me “dumb” and saying, “we cannot be friends,” are typical responses from the left.

What I find interesting are the issues they pointed to that makes me “unlikable” or “dumb.”

They state this is because President Trump is a “liar,” “an adulterer,” and he “puts people in cages.”

If these are the standards of how they accept friends, they must not have any. Remember, Presidents Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy had multiple affairs while in office.

Did you look the other way while they were cheating on their wives?

Both Obama and Clinton lied. Remember Fast and Furious and the impeachment of the 1990s?

Did you lose friends over these issues while you supported them? Did you forget that Bill Clinton started putting illegal immigrants in detention centers and Barack Obama detained more illegals than any other president?

I’ll bet you never thought this was cruel at the time they were doing it (if you even knew about it).

The fact is, they had to attack or try to bully me personally to get me to stop writing letters. I hit a nerve by suggesting Democrats join the walkaway movement (

Thousands of Democrats have seen the way this president has been treated and are walking away from the party because of it. They should also.

Michael DiGregorio


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