To the editor:

This is in response to Walter Davis’ Aug. 14 letter. The only thing I found in his response to my Aug. 13 letter   that I did agree on is his last statement with regard to principles going up in smoke. 

However, I would like to clarify that I do not honor Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini or Idi Amin. Regardless of how Davis or anyone in the world may feel, this is all a part of history, as I was fortunate enough to learn about when I was in school. 

This does not seem to be what is taught anymore. The statues can be removed, flags can be removed, but it will not negate the fact that these events took place. 

How are people so openly offended over slavery still? Did they not become free? Do we not celebrate Black History Month? 

I also laughed at the idea of a statue being placed in Schouler Park of any of those three that Davis listed. They have nothing to do with our town, let alone this state, that’s absurd. 

I am also well aware of what these figures you speak of stand for and as I said, I do not honor them. I do, however, enjoy the history. 

This world has become too easily offended over things that happened well over 150 years ago. I was also trying to explain American history in this country and the American figures in this country. It seems to me as though Davis went on a tangent about nothing I really mentioned. 

Seriously, though, what’s next on your agenda, Mr. Davis? Are you going to be leading the democracy clan to start burning history books as well?

Melissa Wood


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