To the editor:

To the out-of-towners who continue to write to our local newspaper in order to complain about the voters of the town voting in favor of a short-term rental ban: The valley existed for decades without Airbnb and accommodated a great variety of tourists.

Now you have options of pet-friendly hotels, motels, hotels with water parks, bed and breakfasts, and, of course, campgrounds. For those of you who simply “need” to have space for your dogs, there are doggy hotels throughout the country, and we have them here, too.

I have a dog, I love my dog, but he brings limitations because he is a dog, so when we travel, we make accommodations that are appropriate, and don’t expect our destination to make the accommodations for us. That is some seriously entitled thinking. Besides, we have to live here with the people that abuse their privileges as visitors to our town. You don’t.

To the people who bought up all this real estate to make some extra cash that are upset over the ban: Maybe you should consider that while your bottom line might get hurt, buying the real estate up the way that people have in the last several years has created a housing crisis where families are forced to live in dangerous conditions, in motels, on the couches of friends or family, or simply be homeless.

You should care way more for your community neighbors than your wallet. If you can afford to buy two, three or four properties, you can afford to sell them and help out your own community.

Shame on all of you and your selfish, entitled attitudes.

The voters have spoken. Period.

Mary Campbell

North Conway

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This breaks my heart. North Conway has been our family's favorite any-season destination for 15 years and my husband used to come with his grandparents 20 years prior to that. When my kids were toddlers, we started with a night or 2 and then lengthened it the next few years and stayed a week to ski Breton Woods, Attitash, and Cranmore-- working up to 2 glorious summer weeks of hiking, shopping, and StoryLand. We celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday at the Muddy Moose and my mother-in-law's 65th with a picnic at Diana's Baths. We stayed in condos every time. My kids are now teens and we hit the outlets for back to school shopping every August. We have never had a negative experience in our times up North, (except maybe when the Saco was too chilly or when Delaneys ran out of sushi LOL), and certainly never felt like an outsider or an unwanted visitor. Like many of my 2nd homeowner friends, we eventually bought a place so we could continue coming up with our parents and children, friends, nieces and nephews, (and yes, dog!) and maybe one day, hopefully grandchildren.

With all the raucous complaints about STR's, I really never thought they were talking about me or my property (which was uninhabitable until we renovated). But it's now clear that certain locals won't discriminate and have just become unwelcoming and insulting to everyone, no matter their history, or how they use their rightfully-owned property. We rent to other families about 10 weeks a year, pay the Meals & Rooms tax monthly, and pay local businesses to keep our property attractive and safe. I will not sell it for less than it is worth because someone else needs a home (is that a serious comment??).

What a tragic and shameful attitude towards all the other lovers of the valley, people who have built memories for generations, and continually decide to spend their vacation dollars in the community season after season, year after year. Clearly some inconsiderate visitors wore out their welcome, but I don't see any wisdom in blaming STRs for all the valley's woes. This out-of-towner is left shaking her head.


This is a pretty abrasive article for a piece that is trying to convince others that second-home owners are the ones being abrasive, don't you think?

Gregory Wallace

Mary, you nailed it. The only other thing is the owners of such STR propertys that scream that "They pay taxes here!" The truth is their presence here cost all of us much more than any taxes they may pay. AND are they paying into the N.H. meals and room taxes like hotels and inns do? Bet they don't.


Mary, you seem a little jealous of people who work hard and can afford second homes. Also, I personally hate staying in hotels. I much prefer a condo or house. Once I rented from VRBO/AirBnB, I never looked back. Also, your taxes will go up when the lawsuits are settled. The town has allowed these rentals for a long time and now they are illegal? We'll see what the courts say.

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