To the editor:

This is an open letter to the six nominees for Carroll County District 1 House seat.

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Or, perhaps after the last general election it has become apparent that the mechanics of our system of voting are so flawed and ripe for corruption, that we have lost faith in the process entirely.

Remember when everyone was going to "investigate and fix things"? And whatever happened to verifiable Voter IDs, which a majority of the Country is in favor of?

And then there is an obvious and blatant singleminded effort by our President to paint the other Party as "Domestic Terrorists" and "Extremists" for simply seeing things differently [Remember the 1st Amendment?].

Certainly not the words of a Unifyer or President of all the people.

And then of course there are the mega PAC's with bags of money to push their agendas.

So yea, maybe people are just fed up because their vote doesn't really count anymore.

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