To the editor:

The Democratic primary process has been competitive and we still have several candidates from which to choose. It is time for New Hampshire to choose who will best lead us forward to defeat Donald Trump in November. Candidates vary on health care policy, the economy, climate change, national security, education, Social Security, Medicare and gun control; all issues Democrats care about deeply. Three remaining major candidates have policies that do not have a prayer of being passed by Congress. However, one of them has a decades-long successful record passing major policy on a national level.

Joe Biden is the only candidate with a history of success on each of these issues and will be ready on day one to assume the duties of president of the United States. Joe served 36 years in Congress and eight years as our vice president, working across the aisle with those with whom he has deep disagreements to accomplish progressive change.

Our country is in peril and our republic is threatened by a self-serving grifter in the White House. We need a candidate who knows how to fight; and, who knows how to win.

That candidate is Joe Biden.

Marie Szczesny


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Bernie was robbed in 2016, he would have beaten Trump. Bernie is still our only hope.

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