To the editor:

Presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) has pledged to connect “every household in America to the internet by 2022” if she is elected president.

Nearly all of the Democratic candidates have proposals for universal broadband access with federal infrastructure projects.

lobuchar has, however, already sponsored multiple bills for expanding broadband service to rural areas. She understands that access to high-speed internet is critical for the economic viability of rural communities like those throughout New Hampshire.

In my town of Sandwich, a selectmen-appointed committee is exploring ways for residents to obtain affordable, high-quality internet services and is working with other Carroll County towns in efforts to increase access to such services, now available in most urban areas.

In late December, the Senate (and House) passed one of Klobuchar’s sponsored bills, the Broadband DATA Act, to improve the ways the Federal Communications Commission prepares maps that determine eligibility for federal funding to expand and improve internet service.

The Broadband DATA Act sould help rural America, including Carroll County, in accurately assessing and upgrading their internet service.

Klobuchar has sponsored more than 100 bills, most with bipartisan sponsorship, that have become law in her 14-year tenure in the Senate, including over 30 bills since Donald Trump’s election.

This track record suggests that, as president, Klobuchar would ensure that New Hampshire residents get high-quality internet service — and much more.

Please, seriously consider voting for Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a candidate with a demonstrated ability to get things done.

Margaret Merritt

Center Sandwich

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