To the editor:

I am still searching for a home in the valley, and find it almost impossible due to the demand by investors from VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb and other companies. This short-term rental issue is a concern across the country, and many cities have forbidden short-term rentals.

Most condos in Florida have a three- or four-month minimum rental period. How are condo associations dealing with the liability of short-term renters? How is the condo insurance covering the units basically turning into a hotel? What are the security issues as far as background checks on criminals? Do one-night tenants abide by the CRRs? What about pedophiles who use the internet while they are in your unit and the FBI traces it back to your IP address? What about bed bug infestations? Do people with children want criminals next to them several times a week?

I believe towns need to form committees to research the seriousness of short-term rentals and the future of residential neighborhoods. Residential, not a hotel. People are running business ventures, and common sense tells us that a business needs to be approved in a residential area.

I am looking to purchase a condo in the Villages of Kearsarge, and I have consulted my attorney regarding short-term rentals. I do not want to live in a hotel. I am not going to pay $250K for a home to live in a hotel. The quality of life is really in jeopardy here for permanent residents. Why not turn the whole town into a hotel? It is time to seriously address this issue.

Lorene Miklos

Harrison, Maine

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