To the editor:

I am writing in response to Tom McLaughlin’s column, “City Hall homeless encampment,” published Aug. 5. McLaughlin’s disdain and lack of empathy for the homeless people of Portland, Maine, is evident throughout this piece. However, his overtly racist, poorly constructed attempt to link homeless advocates and organizers with an unrelated incident and perpetrator should never have made it past your desk.

McLaughlin writes, “Protesters included organizers like African refugees Hamdia Ahmed and Abdul Ali. Later, someone named Abdikareem Hasan was arrested for firing several shots into the nearby Portland Police Station parking garage.”

None of the three is mentioned in the column before or after this, and McLaughlin does nothing to explain why he included this disjointed comment. There is no need for explanation, however, as his racism is clear.

It is a grim reality that my hometown paper continues to give space to the racism of Tom McLaughlin. Surely, there is another local columnist whose perspective would not actively harm its readers.

Lindsay Ware

Portland, Maine

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You write, “Surely, there is another local columnist whose perspective would not actively harm its readers.”

Would you prefer columns that only represent your personal or political views? Are you that unsure of your own belief systems that a mere dissenting opinion would cause you to feel threatened by an opposing or different perspective?

It’s called freedom of expression, and it is a Constitutional right. It is probably the most important one in the Bill of Rights, followed by the right to keep and bear arms.

If we follow your reasoning, the very next step in your augment would be to declare Tom’s words to be equivalent to actual violence (actively harm).

This is nothing but a tactic of the New Left meant to shut down any dissenting thought or opinion that would interfere with their agenda.

It’s the same as banning certain words or phrases by declaring them, “triggers”. The same goes for “hate speech”. This by the way has been declared unconstitutional.

In all actuality, you show yourself to be a very intolerant person, demanding that we all think or be like you.

Whatever happened to diversity of thought and opinions?


“It’s called freedom of expression” - your words. I’m not opposing a “different perspective”, I’m asking the Sun to stop printing McLaughlin. Your shock and awe is your problem. Clearly, you, McLaughlin, and the other commenter here share the same values- so from an optics standpoint, I’m the one who should be asking - Whatever happened to diversity of thought and opinions?


I tried to post this earlier but your little icon showed it was working ----I'm not sure how you go from a mention of a name to an allegation of Racism? I must have missed the columns where Tom mentioned a name and then added a note of their race. It sounds like Lindsay Ware is jumping to a conclusion of racism which most likely is a racist remark on her part, this persons entire letter reeks of bigotry and a cancel culture that indicate.they lack the ability to consider anyone else's viewpoint, Civic's classes would benefit Lindsay Ware. Did Tom mis-identify these people?

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