To the editor:

I can only assume there was a huge bash somewhere in the valley, everybody running our town got smashed and thought it would be a great idea to add another hotel to the mess that is now facing us every day on the strip.

We do not have enough help to work at the hotels and restaurants we already have, most of the hotels are far from full most of the time, a recession is on the horizon, high gas prices are affecting everyone's plans for traveling, the strip now looks horrible. It's a minnie Manchester. Have you all ever considered how the valley has lost any charm it once had? Where is your common sense?

There has to be some control over this constant assault on our way of life, if people wanted nothing but more ugly buildings, they would have stayed in Boston.

How about the coming horror in Intervale, nothing but tangled traffic and blacktop so rich folks can look at Mount Washington though the view behind this monstrosity is cut off for all who live there.

Soon there will not a tree left standing. What a sad, sad end to our once beautiful valley, thank you town fathers, you've done a great job. Some forethought as the valley became more and more popular a long time ago, protecting the rural quality should have been the prime consideration.

Linda Stetson

Center Conway

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Conway, Intervale, and the surrounding area designed itself to be a tourist destination. Now you’re surprised that the tourists showed up. Tourists don’t develop the landscape, locals do.


Linda, you cannot stop progress. People own land and have the right to develop it. Small towns grow into bigger towns. It happens. You can move to a dozen smaller towns around Conway. Or not. But you cannot stop development.


Well written and so true. The Valley has been ruined for the sake of more tourist dollars.

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