To the editor:

Some politicians seem to be able to slither out of any situation. Gov. Chris Sununu is extremely adept at doing so. Recently, for example, almost 30 state and national media ran a version of this headline: “NH governor condemns tweet offering a 'bounty' on teachers.”

The headline and story failed to mention that Sununu had ample warning that his signing of the divisive language bill into law would be a grave danger to free speech.

His own Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion wrote that the law “is not reflective of our state’s embrace of freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” and they accurately predicted the law would have a “chilling effect” on our basic First Amendment rights.

Unfortunately, Gov. Sununu refused to meet with the council members and listen to their diverse voices of reason. Instead he heeded the advice of his radical right allies and signed the bill. Ten diversity council members resigned in protest.

A direct line can be drawn from his signature on that bill to emboldening the radical right to put a bounty on the heads of teachers in an effort to chill and limit free speech in the Live Free or Die state.

Fortunately, that law can be overturned and the bounty hunters fully marginalized simply by voting Sununu and his radical right colleagues out of office this coming 2022 election year. Let’s do it for the sake of our democracy. Slithering politicians are expendable, free speech is not.

Leonard Witt


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Scott Shallcross

This is truly undemocratic legislation and will have a chilling effect in the classroom.

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