To the editor:

As far as the Kennett players killing the duck, first off, Fish and Game should have charged them, or parents. 

Second, the school should have removed him from the team and suspended the complicit group that watched, allowed and even took video of the event. Not one had the heart to do the right thing, which would have been to grab this kid and bring him to the leaders before he hurt this animal. 

Third, the parents should, because the school didn’t, remove the beater from the team and ground him from everything, except spending his time at a rehab center for animals — supervised of course. I don’t know what’s going on in his home or mind, but something isn’t right there, a budding sociopath. 

To the school: I hope their games are protested until you do what’s right. Animal cruelty is against the law and the punishment should reflect that. You are sending a really bad message that football is more important than compassion, empathy and decency. I am reminded daily why I prefer animals over people.

Lauren Smith

Fryeburg, Maine

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Spot on.

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