To the editor:

Walk through any feed store, and you’ll see where the largest proportion of agricultural crops go. 68 Hours of Hunger is an issue, but never for the farmed animals being pumped full of corn, soy and other grains to fatten them for slaughter.

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"...according to a 2021 report by the World Economic Forum titled, Biodiversity"

And there it is. The Leftist Elites' new religious order: The World Economic Forum.

All hail Klaus Schwab and his gang of One World Order acolytes.

And do you actually believe any one of these people will be following the rules and laws that will impose on the rest of us little people?

Sorry, but I will not comply or surrender my Constitutional Rights to those that hate our Country and what we represent- Freedom and independence.

Globalism is nothing but Marxism wrapped in pretty paper. It has failed every time it has been tried. The Elites never get their hands dirty while everyone else does the heavy lifting.

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