To the editor:

Before the next pandemic wave hits, I would love for just one Democrat, or anyone really, to blame the actual people responsible for killing most Americans: China.

Can someone please be as angry with China as you are at Trump? I realize the lazy hindsight response is to accuse Trump of killing thousands for a China virus dropped on his doorstep. I would not wish that responsibility on anyone, so unless Trump himself put out the virus magically, he was always going to be criticized for not doing enough.

Were the government and states unprepared? Yes. Were his experts all over the place regarding the virus? Yes. One day, virus is nothing to worry about, one day, it’s serious, masks good, masks bad, etc. Trump is saying things he shouldn’t, yes, but just trying to be optimistic and hopeful, I think. CDC screws up the tests at first and sets us back a month.

Despite all that, if China were honest and upfront, chances are good it would have spared hundreds of thousands of lives. Instead, China didn’t allow us in to scientifically help, deliberately withheld transmission information, altered data and made the decision not to shut down travel until late January after knowing how deadly and contagious the virus was in mid-December. What else would you expect from a Communist country. God forbid if anyone around here dares to call out the real killers. If China owns you people that bad, just move over there and live in utopia.

I am so disgusted and outraged with China. We need to get out of the China business and hold them accountable. Whomever does that will get my vote. I do know, however, that on Jan. 31 President Donald Trump banned all China flights, even against the advice of his inner circle and virus experts.

The liberals, Democrats and the mainstream media called him a xenophobe, a racist. Despite the predictable, usual, thoughtless name-calling, Trump makes a decision that probably saved thousands of lives and should be commended for that. I can’t even imagine what the country would look like had someone else been president, knowing what we know now.

Larry Day


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We will never know, because the news media and social networks are the real liars. Only they feed "Trump Hate" to the country with a cherry on top. The main stream media tells it the way THEY want the readers to see it. THEY have all joined forces with the left because Trump reveals it like it is.


Trump said that 99% of the Covid-19 cases are "harmless". Tell that to the 130,000 dead Americans. Keeping your head in the sand does not change the facts and Hitler also called the media the enemy of the people. Wear a mask.


get a clue Larry, you couldn't be more wrong to trust a LIAR like DT


Larry! Pointing fingers doesn’t fix a darn thing! Put your mask on! Public distance! And self quarantine!!


China erred but to what extent remains unclear since China is being used as an scape goat to deflect from Trump's lack of leadership in this crisis. Other world leaders have not faulted China to the same degree as America and that is not because they love China anymore than we do. As for Trump having saved thousands of lives, that is pure nonsense. It is the other way around. Due to his refusal to accept medical and scientific advice and by politicizing the plague, he is responsible for the high number of deaths in our country that were preventable. Even this past week Trump said that the virus is going to magically disappear. You are either misinformed, only watching Fox news or very gullible to think otherwise.

Canon Dan Weir

From what we already know I have a good reason to be angry at both the Chinese government and Trump. Because the latter works for us I will focus my anger on him. To borrow one of his catch phrases, “Mr Trump, you’re fired.”

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