To the editor:

Randel Cole (“Gross negligence on Trump’s part,” March 25), I will refer you to Michael Kerins’ letter in Wednesday’s paper. Read it! That is what people really needed to hear.

Mr. Kerins is a big Trump critic, like yourself, yet understands the gravity of the pandemic with actual compassion to all, regardless of affiliation.

A much better use of the column space should have been Mr. Kerins’ message of unity, solution and hope, instead of your political, morbid, divisive rant. Shameful the Daily Sun decided to waste a half-page with your blaming garbage as our town and people are struggling tremendously.

Let’s come together and put the politics aside, at least until we get ahead of this thing. Then there will be plenty of time and opportunity to criticize. Be part of the solution, Mr. Cole, instead of being part of the problem. Oh, and if you’re looking for comps on how Donald Trump is handling this, much better to use Barack Obama’s swine flu dealings; it’s more apples vs. apples. More on that in six months or so, God willing.

Larry Day


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