To the editor:

North Conway was previously voted the #1 place to vacation in New Hampshire. Where the community welcomed folks from all over the world to come visit, and where we all enjoyed sharing why we love to live, work and play in the Mount Washington Valley.

The recent mean-spirited letters by full-time residents who don’t like tourists have changed all of that. As have the failure of Conway officials to do the right thing for the community as it relates to balancing the rights of permanent residents to enjoy their homes in peace, and the rights of second homeowners to rent their residential properties to families for residential use to help cover their expenses when they can’t use it.

One of the best things my husband and I love about the community we have lived in for 46 and 23 years respectively is meeting strangers from other parts of the country and around the world. I felt sad for the letter writers who implied there is something wrong with people they don’t know vacationing in their neighborhood.

That is one of the best things about living in a tourist town! We have met and made friends with so many people while out at a restaurant, bar, hiking, in a lift line or coffee shop.

Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to be able to live here. Today’s visitor could be next year’s permanent resident. Instead of being close-minded and hateful towards folks you don’t know try opening your heart and being generous about sharing this beautiful place we call home.

Kimberly Clarke

Fryeburg, Maine

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Gregory Wallace

Kimberly, "Open our hearts and be generous." What, are these refugees from some foreign land? We are over run with ill mannered tourists that cost us far more than any benefit we may have realized in the past. They don't come here to help us they come here to help them selves. Kind of a mini version of what is going on at the border. You would think that with the monies tourists bring that the benefits would be many including lower taxes. Just the opposite is true. Our taxes are high because they come here in numbers that cause stress both financial and personal like traffic,. Also Town, state and county expenses that drive up property tax. I am sure the Chamber of commerce types are loving it along with the developers who take the money and run. I don't hate them but they are causing far more problems and expense than they can compensate us for.


Hateful comments about tourists (mostly from tRump supporters), roadside signs that told people from away to “stay away” early on during the pandemic, and the negative publicity toward STRs have lead me and my family to completely avoid travel to the MWV area. We’re now exploring the very beautiful coast, western mountains and grand lakes of Maine instead. NH’s loss!


"Hateful comments about tourists (mostly from tRump supporters)"

Really Denis? Do you have factual, empirical proof? Or, do just have a serious case of TDS?

Please don't infect the State of Maine with your disease. We have enough people that think like you already, and we don't need or want more.

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