To the editor:

It is obvious that Conway School Board Chair Joe Lentini and Superintendent Kevin Richard have far overreached their lawful authority in their war against the taxpayers and parents who do not agree with their positions.

Using the color of law, Lentini along with Richard allegedly with premeditated intent conspired to use the smaller room to hold their meeting knowing that certain members of the public may come unmasked and further demanded medical documentation. Using his fantasized dictatorial power, Lentini unilaterally canceled the meeting as a public show of force.

Lentini’s war against these parents with a helping hand from the Sun’s questionable reporting is against a backdrop of some of the most abysmal and deteriorating test scores in the state for middle and high school.

While certain members of the school board ignore these appalling statewide scores, Lentini’s prime focus is not on what is best for the students of SAU 9 but how the board should be an example in wearing their masks.

Simply, the school board is not a municipality, and separate from municipalities such as Conway, and does not possess the powers of such. This has been ruled on by the New Hampshire Supreme Court in City of Manchester School District v. City of Manchester, 150 N.H. 664 (2004), defining school boards as corporations. Nevertheless, absent emergency orders from the governor, which have lapsed, Lentini and Richard somehow believe that they have jurisdiction concerning public attendees.

A plain reading of NH RSA 189:15 states in part that the school board’s official records, “shall be binding upon pupils and teachers,” not the public. Succinctly, the school board’s authority does not extend to public attendees.

It is time for the misguided Lentini, Richard and their band of blind followers to start focusing on what matters, our children’s education and improving our state test scores.

Kevin Clifford


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