To the editor:

The Democrats have said that a wall is immoral. However, at the same time, taking the life of a fetus in the ninth month through an abortion is OK.

Ending the life of a baby at nine months is murder, and it disgusts me.

On a political point, not one of New Hampshire’s U.S. representatives or senators has voiced any concern. This is because they condone it. They do not care.

People who support this behavior are also complicit.

Think about what is going on here.

Kenneth L. Bowers


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See, you’ve made the mistake of allowing emotions to override logic. Do you want to know why the lawmakers aren’t spouting off hateful rhetoric? Because they do not have enough information to go off of, and acting as rational individuals, they are waiting until everything is uncovered and proven through autopsy and investigations before commenting. You have not done this. You have chosen to take a vague story and spin it into a political argument that references an entirely unrelated and irrelevant political topic, the proposed border wall. You are using this tragedy that none of us have a clear explanation of to argue politics and I find THAT to be disgusting. You are also presuming that the remains found are of a 9 month old infant. Where do you gather this information? I would love to access the evidence you seem to be referring to. For all any of us know, this could have been someone having a miscarriage. We do not know what occurred and it is ignorant of you or anyone else to use assumptions to somehow promote any type of political agenda, left or right. Do you have no compassion or decency? What is wrong with you?

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