To the editor:

I have been visiting Conway several times a year for over 20 years now. It started with just me and my husband so we stayed at local hotels. As our family grew we found that hotels were just not enough so we began renting houses.

Going to Conway is so many things to us, we ski in the winter, go tubing and hiking in the summer and enjoy the beautiful view in the fall. We love visiting all the local shop (Sherman Farms, Zeb’s, the Penguin store and of course the outlets) There are so many wonderful restaurants we visit every trip (Delaney’s, The Moat and, of course, the Muddy Moose)

The fact that we can go off and enjoy all the area has to offer then come back to a space where we can all relax is a huge deal to my family. After a busy day we need space to unwind and relax, which is hard to do in a cramped hotel. If this goes away unfortunately we will most likely go somewhere different.

Kelly Pearce

East Falmouth, Mass.

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Same here. We are a family of five with our youngest requiring a pack and play. No way will we stay in a hotel. Also don't feel very welcome in the valley after all this. Especially being from out of state. We're the worst apparently. I hope the small businesses up there can hang on. A global pandemic and now this. Best of luck.

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