To the editor:

In regards to Beth Dyer’s Nov. 26 letter: Her statement that “addiction is a physical, emotional and spiritual disease” — "spiritual"? That is a completely 12-step concept. Not one, single, actual disease claims it’s from a spiritual malady or can be put to test or cured by becoming spiritual or surrendering to a higher power. That is solely an Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous mindset and is laughable at best.

You need to do some research. Science is just that: “science/evidence-based,” not some made-up concept from 1939 that the 12 steps are based on.

Sounds like you’re an indoctrinated stepper who is unwilling to open your eyes or embrace facts about addiction or science and follow only 12-step lingo and outdated mindsets.

A good start for you is to read “A Sober Truth,” by Harvard Dr. Lance Dudes, and read archived orange papers — your small, rose-colored, 12-step glasses will be shattered. It’s 2019, not 1939.

I looked at your personal Facebook. You are an EMT whose job is saving lives — yet you don’t fully understand what harm reduction is and use 12-step lingo in your letter.

That is quite sad. How can you save lives and be so biased in how people achieve healthy drug-/alcohol-free lives when clearly one-sided, closed-minded thinking is what you obviously have.

Please research and embrace multiple pathways that use science and evidence-based facts and thinking.

Kara Coyle


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A person's spiritual health can affect their physical health as well.

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