To the editor:

The people in front of the library with their signs against drag queens goes to show how empty-headed they really are. We all bleed red and are equals. Everyone has the right to be themselves, and no one should judge. I am sure you all think you’re perfect; far from it. 

I saw a sign about child abuse. Really? Pedophiles do not dress in drag; matter of fact, they dress like you do as you stand there with your signs thinking everyone should be like you. 

Well, let me tell you, I would be ashamed to be like you. Everyone should be able to be who they are without judgment from narrow-minded people like yourselves. Give it a rest, they are not hurting anyone and you’re just showing your ignorance with your signs about child abuse and many other hurtful sayings.

Julie Webster


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well said. Anyone who was offended by the drag queen story hour needn't be. No one forces you to take your kids there. I was happy driving through Eaton yesterday to see many rainbow pride flags. I was a little worried after hearing so much about the "Eaton Posse" on this site. But it seems that love has once again conquered hate.

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