To the editor:

I want to say my prayers and thoughts are with all those affected by the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio this is beyond tragic and heart breaking.

Donald Trump might not be pulling the trigger, but this is on him. These shootings were hate crimes, and ever since Trump took office, all he has done is spread hate and caused division of our once beautiful country. Trump is so racist he reeks of it. How can we have a president, and I use that word loosely, that is a racist and even called himself a white nationalist? We cannot afford another four years of this racist and crooked individual. I am more scared of what he’s doing to this country than I am of immigrants coming across our borders. The shooters were white American Trump followers. I would vote for a monkey before I would vote for him. I didn’t the first time and I will not this time. 

I have children and grandchildren that I want to have a future, and with him in office, no one has a future.

Julie Webster


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Trump is poisoning American and the Republican Party that nearly fainted when Obama (who i agree, was not a saint either) wore a tan suit is allowing this to go on. Shame on all of them.

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