To the editor:

Our veterans and active military deserve better.

What I am hearing and seeing is just unbelievable. As Americans, how can anyone understand and accept how the Biden administration could pay for illegal immigrants to stay in a hotel with heat and a comfy bed.

Meanwhile, our troops are sleeping on the concrete in garages in Washington, D.C., and we have veterans who have sacrificed their lives and are homeless so we can "Live Free or Die." 

Our veterans and active military can't even get the medicine that they need but the illegal immigrants on the border are receiving everything they need. My nephew, a veteran, is in ICU because he can't get the medicine he needs. This has got to stop! Let's take care of our American's first.

Julie Steiner

Center Conway

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That's because our Senators and Representatives in Washington are to dam busy taking care of themselves If they speak up the deep state/socialist democratic machine cuts off the $$$$$$$$$.The Republicans are not sending the right message to the people.


Exactly. 37,000 homeless vets living on streets in the USA but plenty of money for refugees who have done nothing for our country. Veterans BEFORE Refugees.

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