To the editor:

I have been writing letters to the editor for our local newspapers here in New Hampshire on different subjects like politics and world news for some time. What I see lately is that Steve Webster and Michael Kerins are making a habit out of insulting those of us who support the Republican Party.

We welcome differences of opinions, but using commentary like “I know they are cowards” published in Steve Webster’s Feb. 3 letter is a personal insult to all Republicans. I can assure you, Webster, I am not a coward or any of the many off-color names you use in an attempt to make a point. Your anger due to the results of the president’s successes was vented directly at me. I am a citizen, a Republican in good standing, a father and decorated military specialist.

On the same date mentioned above, Michael Kerins had a letter published using similar tactics to make his point, slamming Maria Rea’s letter of Jan. 3. Starting off by telling her “she doesn’t know much about what’s going on in our country, and can’t read and follow simple instructions.” There are many way of expressing one’s opinion, but Webster’s and Kerins’ letters do not follow the dogmata of The Conway Daily Sun and are using the paper to vent their anger.

Rebuttals by those of us who support the president as it relates to these particular articles are not suggested or good for the paper. But if the rules have changed on choosing Trump supporter’s letters to the editor I can understand, but am very disappointed.

Joseph Dorsett Sr.


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seems like your letter is pretty one sided. There have been countless letters written here that slam the Democrats, tout "TDS" and call them out by name. You must not have read those....but much like your president, you only see and hear what you want to.

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