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Recently, Ed Naile of the New Hampshire Coalition of Taxpayers was invited to speak to the Mount Washington Valley Republican Committee at a restaurant in North Conway about the history of voter fraud, and how to combat it in the valley.

The place was packed as any recent meeting has been since the last election where Republicans won most state positions but lost in national elections with voter fraud being an issue. 

Mr. Naile, famous for tracking down voter fraud in the state, warned that "if you live and vote out of town or state but intend to use a local address such as a summer home, rental or even a relative's address as your domicile to vote again here, you will be caught now."

Consider that the MWVRC has collected voter lists from all valley towns now as well as state historical voting lists on these towns and has a committee using this database to contact voters and spot illegal voting. "It is extremely easy to track people nationally now and I am helping this group to do just that." said Mr. Naile. 

The questions asked by the attendees were spot on. The people in this group are very animated and bent on success. Voter fraud is a big concern but so is the socialist path Biden is following, his open borders policy, out of control spending, taxing and inflation as well as cancel culture, rewriting history in children's textbooks, etc. The MWVRC group now has an online newspaper The New Hampshire Times which is being distributed to their database to get their message of truth out.  

Mr. Nalle warned the MWVRC group not to expect much help from New Hampshire officials in protecting their vote. His key tool in stopping voter fraud over the years is the threat of public exposure in newspapers like The New Hampshire Times once proof of fraud is established. This is a fight worth being involved in. Your right to vote is equal to your right to protect your vote. The MWVRC crowd gets this. Your vote counts.

John Hartman

Vice Chair MWVRC


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Scott Shallcross

Just for the record: Michigan Republicans recently debunked voter fraud claims, the Arizona investigation in Mariposa County by "Cyber Ninjas" has been an absurd joke, The Georgia audits of paper ballots upheld the original outcome, Trump's Attorney General called Trump's claims "bull...." etc etc...


Nice try Scott but you are wrong or lying intentionally.

The Arizona audit has not been completed so calling it a "joke" is merely your opinion.

Secondly, there was no audit of the Georgia election results. They merely recounted the same fraudulent mail-in votes twice. That is not an audit.

As more time goes by and more information slowly drips out the more it becomes clear that the last election results were statistically impossible.

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