To the editor:

President Donald Trump did not lose the election. In fact, he won by a big amount.

I believe everything he says is 100 percent the truth. He is the best thing to happen to America in a long time.

I will hang my Trump flag on my house and my car for life. I hope he will run again. He will always be the best president in America’s history. No one likes him because he is always right.

John Chase

North Conway

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(6) comments


someone's been hitting the eggnog early.


truly a joke, much like DT himself. Stop wasting our time with him unless you are reporting his indictment and prison sentence.


Your letter tells us everything about your character (or lack thereof)!


What planet are you from???


I cannot understand on any level why the Conway Daily Sun would consider this letter worthy of publication. There is not even an attempt by Mr. Chase to justify his opinion. Rather, he takes the position that he will believe what he wants and ignore everything else. Facts don't matter to him and he has turned Trump into his personal God. The Sun needs to take a refresher course in acceptable Journalistic standards.


This has to be satire, right?

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