To the editor:

In response to Peter Thomas’ Oct. 11 letter, he said there is no broad fishing expedition of Donald Trump’s dirt campaign. I guess he should explain why the attorney general is wasting taxpayer money in Europe asking countries to prove that Russia didn’t interfere in the 2016 election, or Rudy Giuliani’s role with his two associates, who were just taken into custody for violating campaign finance laws. 

Our Kurdish allies have been screwed by this egotistic sick idiot. I wonder if this betrayal has anything to do with the Trump towers in Turkey. Power, plus money, is Trump’s priority, not America or the base that he lies to every day. Trump has made us all unsafe; he denies climate change; he’s screwed the farmers; he’s done nothing he promised he would do except make the rich happy and divide our country. I worry every day about my kids and grandkids and the good people of America who don’t deserve this criminal. I pray that the polls will keep going in favor for the people that want their country back from this madness. 

As for Trump supporters, look at your kids, look at the damage that has been done to their future. 

John Bossio

Center Conway

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