To the editor:

Living in the valley for a good 20 years and having my kids both graduate from Kennett I know what a beautiful and affordable place the valley was for families. Not anymore.

Not saying short-term rentals are the whole problem but they sure haven't helped. They bought up all the affordable homes strictly to make a profit and in doing so took away 600 homes that could have been rented by locals who live and work in the valley.

As far as tourist they have been coming to valley forever and they will continue to come and stay at the hotels, motels and B&Bs that have always been there for their enjoyment.

Best argument I've heard from STR owners is they won't be able to afford to keep their so called vacation home. Just wondering what did you tell the bank to get that loan in the first place?

Wonder how these people would react if someone did a STR right next door to their house in their home state. Maybe once all these STR homes go on the market maybe it will drive the home prices down because there is no way any local could afford to live in the valley.

Yes, I'm a property owner in the valley and I feel these STRs are not right for residential neighborhoods.

Joe Castigila

Vera Beach, Fla.

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Thank you for saying what everyone is thinking. I hate how out-of-staters from Massachusetts and New York snatch up the property around here, rent it out to other out-of-staters who ruin the valley with their terrible driving, trashy behavior, and entitled attitudes, all the while keeping people who actually live and work here year-round from being able to find affordable real estate. Oh no - Linda and Jim from Boston won't be able to afford their second home without their five dozen renters supplementing their income. I'll shed a tear as maybe housing finally becomes affordable for the full-time Granite Staters.


Many of the out of the out-of-staters who visit or own property in the area eventually become permanent residents because of all the area has to offer. I don't have statistics, so I won't guess at how many people moved to the area from somewhere else, but it isn’t uncommon. In reply to the question on what the bank was told, in my case I told the bank right up front what I was doing and even had comps to use for projected income based on the volume of STRs in town which has been accepted as common practice by the bank because this has been going on for decades. The mortgage rate on my house is for an investment property, everything was above board and transparent. In addition to the attractions and scenery, most visitors appreciate the local people and comment on how friendly, helpful and welcoming they are.

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