To the editor:

In response to Walter Davis’ May 3 letter, I do not support the nonsense of white supremacy, I do not capitalize what I do not respect, but they did have a permit and there were people, according to reports, who were there to protest the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue because of what he had done for the black population after the war. The Antifa group, who caused the clash, did not have a permit and went out of their way to engage the other group. The person responsible for the death of the young woman should be punished to the full extent of the law. 

Joe Biden had voted in 1975 to reinstate Robert E. Lee’s citizenship, as it was taken away after the Civil War. In the early ’70s, Biden was also very vocal against the busing of black students to counter segregation in schools. 

Biden flew with his son on Air Force 2 to China after his son’s company was awarded a $1.5 billion account. Why doesn’t the emolument clause apply to family as well? 

Anita Hill is not buying Joe’s so-called apology, wonder why it took this long?

Jim Shuff


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