To the editor:

There are times when I break down and read a Bill Marvel diatribe. Yesterday was one of them. 

His rant on how bad Conway is was really over the top and made me think of the President Ronald Reagan’s quote, “There you go again!” 

I would be willing to wager that a lot of people leave the town where they were born and do not look back. I qualify for that as I was the first member of my family to move away from Saugus, Mass., and moved to Alton in 1960. I have said tongue in cheek since then that “Saugus was a good town to be from, far from!” Saugus had been good to our family as my parents taught there for many years. 

We left Alton in 1968 to live in Conway because it was a real challenge to make a living in Alton back then as the town perked up around Memorial Day and died Labor Day. We really could not raise a family in that environment. 

The thing that always stuck in my mind back then was the sign the Blue Jay Restaurant would put in their window on Labor Day night, “Closed! Thank you for a great season! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, See you in the Spring!” That pretty much summed things up back then. 

Bill, if you do not like Conway as you so vitriolically ranted, join one of your friends who have found a place they like. Just a thought!

Jim Shuff


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