Bill Marvel is a man of eminent character and integrity. Unlike Liz Bouchard who has yet to even graduate high school, he has accomplished much personally, professionally, and civically in the real world for decades.

More importantly, Bill’s school commentary — which recently drew an indignant response from Ms. Bouchard — was simply correct. For those two reasons alone, Bill needs no defense from me or anyone else in rebuttal to Ms. Bouchard’s letter, which, I emphasize, she had the constitutional right to write.

Nonetheless, I am going to call Ms. Bouchard out on her response because it is emblematic of larger problems afoot in this country. The truth may be “uncomfortable” for Ms. Bouchard to hear, but better she begin to learn it now than in the real world when it is too late. She has a little growing up to do at Bowdoin and beyond.

Bill’s obvious point in his school commentary about the pajamas vis-a-vis low scholastic performance numbers at Kennett is that many in today’s world — from students to young adults to even older people — don’t want to work or work hard for what everyone else in generations prior had to work for; they just want it to be handed to them sitting in their pajamas in their recliners playing video games all day, even though that’s not how reality works (for most people, at least), even if we all want it to. These “snowflakes”— for lack of a better word — want to be “comfortable”: pampered, provided for, and pandered to in every way, without any pressures, practical concerns, or personal responsibilities whatsoever.

Although every generation has had its slackers, the difference is that today’s impressionable young people — especially students —a re being told by the cultural elite that it’s okay for them to be narcissistic and self-indulgent; that things like obeying the law, working hard, achieving standards, acting professionally, being productive citizens, serving one’s country and community, and being selfless are merely discriminatory constructs of old white men. The problem is that not only is such a concept as the elite are peddling racist, sexist, and ageist itself, and ludicrous to boot, but it generally sets those who embrace it up for failure later on when they are rudely awakened by life's reality. Life is inexorably “hard” at some point for everyone — sometimes for one’s entire life —and it requires preparation and training for best dealing with it. “Snacks and naps” are for kindergarten — not high school, where students are supposed to be dress-rehearsing for the real world.

Bill and other concerned adults speak up about school issues because they have the valuable wisdom and experience from having lived life to do so — and also, quite frankly, because they pay the taxes that support the schools (rule of thumb in a democracy: if you pay, you get a say). Students have neither of those qualifications.

Ms. Bouchard was also wrong when — with great irresponsibility and immaturity  — she both said that “[i]t is truly unfortunate to see men still commenting on teenage girls [sic] bodies,” and referred to adults and the practice or condoning of “body shaming.”

Ms. Bouchard had no real defense of her position so she clearly resorted to what was either a sexist trope or false scandalous innuendo against Bill or men in general — fashionable tactics these days for the same above wokerati who tell people it’s okay to be narcissistic. There was no mention in Bill’s commentary about teenage girls’ bodies — or teenage boys’ bodies or anybody else’s bodies for that matter.

Clothing standards for students (generic) was simply discussed. Moreover, both responsible adult women and responsible adult men can and do have opinions on the public subject of students’ dress, girls’ and/or boys’ — including when the students are the daughters or sons of the adults having the opinions.

Furthermore, opposing pajamas or other excessively loose fitting items of clothing as acceptable dress in schools is neither practicing nor condoning so-called “body shaming.”

Putting aside the fact that, again, Bill in his commentary never mentioned anyone’s body shape or size much less denigrated it, the woke concept of “body shaming” is questionable at best, and dishonest at worst. Who is actually doing the shaming when so-called “body shaming” occurs? Isn’t it really the people supposedly being shamed? In other words, the people feel a-shamed of themselves for how they look, and rather than taking responsibility for their own bodies — either by losing weight or exercising or whatever, or simply accepting themselves as beautiful the way they are — they blame others for their own uncomfortableness in their skin. We all have our moments of self-consciousness about our bodies, but wearing pajamas are never going to make those moments go away.

Ms. Bouchard has her entire future ahead of her, and I'm sure everyone wishes her well with it. As she goes to college and then graduates and forges a life for herself, she may well look back one day at Bill’s commentary and think: that old guy was right after all. Or maybe she won't.

Jim Pietrangelo lives in North Conway and is a frequent letters contributor. 

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Bill Scott

Why shouldn't we listen to Liz Bouchard?

Because she's young? Because she's a woman? Because she's still at Kennett High School and subject to the dress code? These are her broadest qualifications for comment!

You cite Bill Marvel's age and experience, and Bill's perspective is valuable, but what's the harm in a hoodie and has he ever worn one? Medieval students routinely wore caps and hoods, and we remember them at graduations where we don them ourselves.

Kids think hoodies and pj's are cool and attractive, and aggrandizing to their self images. That's the best reason to let them wear what they want.

Education is not the sole litmus test for credibility or for the work ethic you seem to value but not display. You have a law degree, but what actual use did you put it to? I don't see you registered as a practicing lawyer in New Hampshire or Ohio - where's the work ethic in that?

Given your history of burning appellate resources for little purpose and fewer results, why should Liz Bouchard or anyone else listen to you?

I think there's a place for rational dress codes at high schools, banning clothes or images that could promote violence or inflame passions (racial, physical or otherwise), but it's a slippery slope. It seems most aspects, short skirts etc., are unfairly aimed uniquely at the women. Gotta wear skirts to show your legs girls, but not too short!

Pretty easy to ban nazi symbols, but what about confederate flags (yes, I would do that, but maybe not the Posse). We need the kids and teachers help to navigate these issues, and Liz seems well qualified for the job.

You and Bill Marvel (and I guess me too) should stay out of it.

liz bouchard

Thank you for your kind words, as you are absolutely correct, I will never look back and think Bill Marvel was right. This letter just fuels my fire in calling a high school student out personally and tearing them down in their local paper. Clearly these adults do not understand what we are fighting for, not to be handed out diploma as we wear pjs, but to make those who have no other choice, have something going on at home where jeans and a t shirt may be too much, can find some comfort and support within their school community. I thank these men, for challenging me and teaching me how to respectively take the high road and stop egging on those who don’t want to see a young woman with an opinion, and several supporters. I apologize I have made this town talk so much, but I am not changing anything if people aren’t talking. Now am I going to focus on what we all keep alluding to; graduating high school.


"...she may well look back one day at Bill’s commentary and think: that old guy was right after all. Or maybe she won't."

Actually, it's highly doubtful that she will even consider the possibility. Not as she heads off to Bowdoin as her place of sanctuary, refuge, and confirmation bias. The likely outcome is a reinforcement and calcification of her views of the world and life in general. That will be a real shame because the days of intellectual inquiry, diversity of thought & opinion, debate, and tolerance for others' ideas have been substituted for indoctrination, activism, and orthodoxy.

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