To the editor:

Certain small businesses in the Mount Washington Valley are now imposing a 3.47 percent tax on restaurant purchases made by credit cards. The consumer is penalized for not paying with cash!

The business establishment will argue that this is the fee that they have to pay the credit card company. While this is true, this cost can easily be written off as a business expense for tax purposes. The consumer should not be burdened by an extra tax by the business establishment for not paying with cash.

This is a matter of right versus wrong. As consumers, we have the expense of driving to the business. Do we expect to be reimbursed for the cost of our gasoline, oil, tires, etc. Of course not; this expense is our responsibility.

Consider calling ahead before going to eat. Ask if an extra tax will be imposed on you. If so, you might want to go elsewhere.

Jim Hrdlicka


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