To the editor:

We have only a few decades left to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without catastrophic climate destabilization.

We can minimize our carbon footprint by looking at personal choices like the food we eat, the products we buy, the clothing we wear, the cars we drive. But by far, the most difficult and important action we can take is aimed at keeping fossil fuels in the ground. That means no more mining for coal, drilling for oil, or fracking for gas.

To realize the transformational change that this problem warrants, we need highly coordinated executive action from our political leaders. I propose we look carefully at the candidates in the upcoming Feb. 11 primary. Do they have climate change as a top priority? Do they know the importance of keeping fossil fuels in the ground? Do they support a just transition that appropriately addresses the climate crisis while acknowledging and planning for the impact on workers and communities?

Making rapid progress in that direction will give us all a chance at a worthwhile future on planet Earth. So, join me on Feb. 11 in voting for candidates who will keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Jane Brown


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Jane, there is no way we can stop using fossil fuels right now. You're very misinformed or worse, in denial.

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