To the editor:

A protest against animal exploitation will be held at the Living Shores Aquarium this Saturday, Nov. 9, from noon-2 p.m.

The brand-new facility, located at 850 N.H. Route 16 in Glen — right next to Story Land — opened its doors to the public for the first time on Monday and will operate year-round.

Living Shores Aquarium features four tide pool areas where adults and children can reach into the water and touch a variety of sea creatures. One of the main attractions will be the display of Asian small-clawed river otters. In addition, there are many other exhibits, including a rainforest exhibit full of birds and red-footed tortoises. All in all, about a hundred different species of animals will be housed in the facility.

The protest will be hosted by the New Hampshire Animal Rights League and Until Lolita is Home, both groups believing that all of the animals at the Living Shores Aquarium deserve to be free and living a wild, natural life.

One protester noted, “The opening of this new entertainment venue goes against the current of human history, for throughout the world over the last few decades has been a trend to eliminate zoos and aquariums — as a form of growing respect and compassion toward other species and a rejection of capture and confinement.

"The way to view wildlife is to stop destroying their habitats and patiently seek them out to watch them in their own homes, an invaluable advantage folks living in North Country New Hampshire have, with its abundance of creatures and undeveloped land! An aquarium or zoo represents a ‘canned’ experience, a lazy man’s selfish way to bring wildlife to him. It’s like viewing some cheap, fake reality TV show.”

The mission of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League is to work for fair treatment of all animals in New Hampshire and beyond.

According to board member Bill Trently, “We are an all-volunteer organization working on behalf of animals since 1977. Until Lolita is Home is a grassroots movement that advocates for the retirement of Lolita the orca from the Miami Seaquarium. By raising awareness about Lolita (and ALL cetaceans in captivity) we hope one day Tokitae (her original name) will see her home waters again."

James Glover


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