To the editor:

In response to Michael Kerins: In your letter, it is clear that you continue to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome — as you mentioned Trump a total of nine times — you are a backward thinking ideologue.

You do realize that you guys are sleepwalking toward an electoral disaster in November? Why? Because Democrats have lost sight on how to build a broad-based coalition.

Americans are turning against a Democratic Party that they feel has become more attuned to the priorities of the progressives and less focused on the concerns and frustrations of the broader American electorate. As a result, the Democrats are on track to suffer one of the most colossal midterm losses of any party in history.

President Joe Biden has lost the most public support during the past several months than any U.S. president since World War II, per Gallup. Last week, Biden’s approval on the economy fell to a new low: 35 percent approve, 60 percent disapprove, per Quinnipiac.

A national Democratic Party that prioritizes on progressive policies at the expense of kitchen-table issues, and that dwells on Donald Trump at the expense of forward-looking realities, is at risk of becoming a narrow Democratic Party appealing only to the left.

Going forward, Democrats need to recognize the realities of the broader American electorate, especially independent voters, they are not liberals, are not woke and they are not locked-in ideologues.

Harriet Borgerhoff

Sweden, Maine

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The country started burning when the democrats concentrated on hating Trump and trying to remove him from office. It gave the deep state their chance to get established in our government. Their still at it and so is the deep state.


For the country to survive Trump needs to eat a lot more fast food.


No way! What the Democrats need to do is to get Drumpf inducted, tried, and in prison! And along with him, his cronies. And then his supporters need to realize that they were conned by the most crooked group to ever enter the White House! I do not believe that Putin would have ever dared to attack Ukraine without the support of Drumpf! We just need to prove it and then have him charged with TREASON! And any US citizen who supports Putin/Russia in this matter also needs to face consequences up to snd including losing US citizenship! People like the Drumpf family may have supported Hitler/Germany in the eras of World War I snd World War II but this is a different age and hopefully we have learned somethings since then. The fact is that Russia is a “bad actor” and always has been…Korea, Vietnam, And now Ukraine! One only has to look at the similarities between Hitler and Putin to see it! Two of the three dictators that Drumpf admires!

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