To the editor:

I felt a very strong need to comment on the animal abuse performed by some of the brave, tough and manly football players on the Kennett High football team at camp down in Moultonborough. 

First, despite any written laws to the contrary, animal abuse, child abuse and sexual violence against women are closely related. The school district has done everything it could do to sanitize the event by a statement that the strangling of the duck was done as an act of kindness by one of the heroes who was apparently present during or after the event. 

Logically, the strangling event was the result of the first one. The player who took pity on the defenseless bird, if present, could have put a stop to the wanton cruelty if he had wanted to. If he was not present until after the event, then this letter is not directed against him as I would have done the same thing to put the bird out of its misery. 

Fish and Game Sgt. Alex Lopashanski, who should read about psychopaths and the symptoms present when they emerge in young people, should have a badge of shame awarded to him, and the officials in the Conway School District should receive them as well. 

These boys are around 15 or 16, I suspect, but when I was their age, I decided to serve my country in uniform. At 16, I went to a military academy in Virginia to enter the Junior Reserve Officer Training program with Army and Marine Corps instructors. The first year was tough but I made it. I graduated in 1968 and went on to serve my country. I wasn’t abusing animals or children. 

No real punishment is an absolute disgrace. Today animals, and tomorrow, maybe children.

Hans Hildebrand


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