To the editor:

If you follow Trump and call yourself a Republican, you are not.

If you follow Trump and call yourself a conservative, you are not.

If you follow Trump and call yourself a patriot, you are not.

If you follow Trump and call yourself a Christian, you are not.

Who are you following? A man who lies as easily as he breathes. A man who feels, not only is he above the law, but that he is the law. A man who calls those who are not loyal to him human scum. A man who separates families and cages children.

A man who uses his office to extort our allies into investigating his political enemies. A man who uses fascist rhetoric such as calling the media an enemy of the people. A man who abandons our allies and defends our enemies.

A man who calls himself the chosen one with great and unmatched wisdom. A man who is a narcissistic, sexually abusive, misogynistic racist. A man who is shredding the Constitution in his quest to become the supreme leader of a white nationalistic nation.

The proof is out there, and the facts are incontrovertible if you choose to live in the real world and not in Trump's alternative reality, where a deep state exists to bring him down and only he can be believed.

If you continue to follow Trump, as he attempts to destroy the republic and his domestic enemies, your claim to being anything more than a Trumpian is laughable.

If you follow Trump and call yourself an American, you are not.

Graham Selby

North Conway

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