To the editor:

Kudos to Kristina Snyder of Chester for bringing to our attention the fact that one of the commissioners of the Fish and Game Department stated that in 2025 he is going to propose a bobcat hunting and trapping season.

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"It was stated that this commissioner is the director of the New Hampshire Trappers Association. It seems that there is a conflict between conservation and hunting."

How so? Hunters have been historical supporters of Conservation.

You may want to look up the definition of Conservation because it doesn't mean what you think it means; Anti-hunting, anti-trapping, or anti-fishing.

As for what coyotes are capable of as apex predators in the Northeast, they are more than capable of killing deer and domestic livestock. and pets.

And if your sole source of information on this topic is the Conway Daily Sun, I would suggest you "get educated" on just how much hunters trappers and fishermen contribute to the overall conservation of our natural resources. You'll find that they have been doing so for far longer than the anti-hunting crowd, and with greater, more effective results.

As I've said previously, perhaps you should be directing your ire toward the New Green Energy folks as they destroy our last remaining wilderness areas, streams, forests, and oceans in the name of "Green Energy" and "Conservation".

All those whales aren't beaching themselves for no reason as Wind Turbine Companies perform sounding surveys of the ocean floor.

The CMP Corridor is poised to wreck the last reaming wilderness east of the Mississippi.

Solar farms are rapidly clear-cutting acres of forest and farmland as we speak.

Want to talk about the mining for materials that make lithium-ion batteries.

So, perhaps the trapping of coyotes really isn't the issue that should concern you.

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