To the editor:

In typical liberal fashion, Larry Winefield of Conway indicated in his May 28 letter that we should look at program benefits and not worry about finances or costs. What? Don’t worry about the cost or who will pay for the program, after all, this is government and we can just raise taxes to pay for any new program.

Winefield, is that how your household runs? Just go out and buy any new flashy item or toy? Don’t worry about the debt you are accumulating? Someone will bail you out or perhaps you can just pass, on the debt to your kids and grandkids. Sounds a little like the position our country is in — $22 trillion in debt. Don’t worry, just keep spending and implementing new programs because future generations will pay for it.

The program that Winefield wrote about was SB 1, a family leave program. Let’s go back to the facts that seem to escape him. Gov. Chris Sununu proposed a family leave plan in his budget that would be a voluntary plan with no new taxes — on anyone. It would be offered to state employees (and very possibly a joint plan with Vermont) through a private insurance plan that would be opened up to N.H. businesses that choose to participate and offer the benefit to their employees. The Democrats in the Legislature, however, are bent on an income tax, so SB 1 would be paid for by a tax on every employee in N.H., even kids working for the summer. Oh, I forgot that Democrats see it as just a tax on wages — not an income tax.

The Democrats in the N.H. House then removed the governor’s voluntary plan and inserted their income tax into the state budget. This budget, as well as SB 1, was supported by every Carroll County Democrat legislator — Reps. Susan Ticehurst, Edith Desmarais, Ed Butler, Tom Buco, Anita Burroughs, Jerry Knirk, Steve Woodcock and Harrison Kanzler, and opposed by every Carroll County Republican legislator. Not only did they vote for the income tax, but also for $15 million to implement it and over 40 employees to support it.

The House Democrats didn’t stop there. They included a capital gains tax and over $400 million in new taxes and fees. Just last week, the Democrat senator from Bedford proposed a 6.2 percent income tax on anyone making over $132,000 per year. Sen. Jeanne Dietsch (D-Peterborough) added, “When you are making that much money you don’t pay attention to every penny.” Thankfully, common sense prevailed and her proposal was defeated. It illustrates, however, that Democrats in the N.H. Legislature are desperate to take more of your money and their cavalier attitude about your money and changing N.H. in such a profound way.

As the late Milton Friedman pointed out, “there is no such thing as a free lunch.” The exception is for Winefield and Democrats who want you to pay for their lunch.

State Rep. Glenn Cordelli

Carroll District 4


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