To the editor:

In regards to the article “Help wanted ... but no workers” that was published in the Sept. 5 edition of The Conway Daily Sun:

After reading the article, I have a couple remarks for some of the business owners that were interviewed for said article.

First, I understand this pandemic has been tough for everyone in the valley, but for some owners to lay blame on the unemployment stipend, well, that’s just wrong. Our government forced all of us out of work. Why should people return to work at a lesser-paying job or a career that they did not choose? No one asked for this. Some business owners need to get a grip and come back to reality.

Second, having to pay higher wages to get employees in the door tells me one thing: Why weren’t you paying the valley residents more to begin with? Oh wait, could it be the fact that you are more interested in paying: cheaper wages” for the J-1 workers? Pay the residents their value instead of trying to save a buck. Maybe it’s time for some business owners to suck it up and pay a fair wage.

Gary Friddle

West Ossipee

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