To the editor:

Attention, Sweden, Maine, especially Knights Hill. There’s a thief among you.

Being retired, there’s not a lot of extra money, so we sometimes go to the nearby recycling facility to see if there is anything we could use. We were excited to find someone had left a 23-horsepower Husqvarna mower tractor. We thought it would make a nice utility tractor and could use it for snow removal. It seemed to be in good condition and wouldn’t take a lot to fix it.

A local man who was there and knew some of my family tried to figure out how to put it in our truck, but to no avail. Another man said he had a trailer at home but would not travel to Knights Hill and back to deliver the mower to my house, even though I offered to pay him. Both men were there when the attendant helped us move the mower to a less visible location so we could pick it up later.

When we returned 2½ hours later, after purchasing a Reese hitch, the mower was gone. The first man returned to help us load it, so we knew he was not the culprit. The only person other than the attendant who knew where it was located was the man from Knights Hill. We confirmed by seeing him on the facility’s camera that he had driven in with his shiny new truck and empty trailer and when he left he had the mower in tow.

Having lived in the Sweden/Lovell area all my life, I know just about everyone in town. No one I know would take anything that was not theirs without asking first.

I’m sure he bragged about his find without mentioning the actual truth. This selfish man has no morals or consideration of others, so it is doubtful he will do the right thing, which would be to admit his mistake and make arrangements to bring the mower to my house.

If you see a man riding a mower with a 2-inch crack in the seat, tell him he should take what is his and respect others by leaving what is not. Pity on him, he has to live with his dirty deed.

Gail Ridlon Bartlett and Wendall Fletcher

Lovell, Maine

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I'm not sure if you believe in Karma, but life has a funny way of evening up the score.

We don't always see it but it does happen.

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