To the editor:

Thursday night at 6 p.m. at Kennett High School there will be a public hearing with the Redistricting Committee tasked with drawing new district maps for state representatives, state senators and executive councilors.

Many of you may remember some resolutions calling for an independent redistricting committee, as opposed to the partisan committees we have had for 200 years.

In Conway, that resolution passed at town elections by an overwhelming margin of 3 to 1. Despite this, one of our state representatives and Gov. Sununu brushed aside the explicit will of the people, dozens of other towns in New Hampshire passed similar resolutions over the years, and we again have a redistricting committee dominated by members of the current majority.

If past practice is any guide they will do all they can to draw new maps that help them cling to power for another 10 years. Please come to the Kennett High Auditorium on Thursday night to urge them to do what is right for the people of Conway, Carroll County and New Hampshire and draw maps that are fair and balanced regardless of which party they may or may not benefit.

Erik Corbett


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