To the editor:

I read the Saturday article in the Daily Sun with an attached photo of Quddus Snyder in a mooning position in front of the Lobster Trap during Donald Trump, Jr’s rally.

Then I read per the responding police officer “this does not meet the statutory requirements of indecent exposure or lewdness because it was the individual’s buttocks. Under RSA 645:1, a person must expose his or genitals.”

So does this mean his genitalia aren’t big enough? Everything about Quddus is about him; ergo, his inflated sense of self. 

Elizabeth F. Kelsea

North Conway 

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I expect that Mr. Synder doing the deed is interpreted as a "nay" vote for Trump's reelection. I'll go along with that, absolutely.


Oops ... it's "Snyder." Sorry about that - too much covfefe this morning.


The self riotous, social justice warrior, Quddus, is far more of a problem in the MWV than any made up "racism" or anti LGBTQ sentiment, which is what he seems to be always protesting.....


Every village has an "idiot". Quddos is Conway's.

Whatever he involves himself in is designed to bring attention to himself.

If the Sun stopped reporting on him he'd fade away into obscurity.

Wouldn't that be nice...

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