To the editor:

Isn’t anyone else outraged by the torture and killing of a duck by Kennett High School teenagers at a football camp a few weeks ago? Even the “explanation” in the Sept. 6 Sun doesn’t cut it. It seems to me there should’ve been a police report filed, misdemeanors and, yes, fines issued; and the so-called chaperones AND parents held responsible. And, to broadcast the video online — sick, stupid and unconscionable. 

According to Fish and Game it’s the school’s job to investigate, and ask the question: Where WERE the chaperones when this incident took place? If the school isn’t concerned enough to ask, then those of us who are outraged would like the answer. This isn’t over with just a few suspended football games and some community service — a mere slap on the wrist.

Dulcie L Heiman

North Conway

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