To the editor:

I heard a rumor the other day that the Republicans nominated Donald Trump as their candidate for president in 2020. Did the Republican Party select and run Trump for a second term? I could not believe this. 

Trump is not only unqualified to be our leader but has numerous character flaws to render him simply incapable of managing our democracy and representing this country to the world.

He lies to the people and Congress on a daily basis. He is immoral and even cruel in his treatment of immigrants fleeing oppression in their own countries. He disobeys our laws and has even before becoming president (now he is completely stonewalling Congress violating the Constitution). He has broken most campaign promises such as keeping health care and Social Security in tact. His tax plan passed by the Republican Congress transfers more wealth to the very rich and takes money and entitlements away from the “99 percent.” He is a racist and works to divide our nation. He worked with the Russians to win the presidency and then interfered with the Mueller investigation which found out the truth that he conspired with Russia and then interfered with our investigation of this crime.

Trump’s dictatorship tendencies are the most disturbing. His attempts to delegitimize the press, mock the rule of law and cozy up to the world’s worst dictators (Russia, North Korea) represent a very real and present danger to our 200-plus-year-old democracy. 

If he won’t follow the rules and norms of Congress and disregards laws and the courts, what is to prevent him from surrounding the Congress with tanks and stopping our rightful government? Wild idea? No, a real possibility, especially with Republican backing.

Why would the Republican Party nominate someone for president who is so flawed that he is a danger not only to Americans but also to the world order?

Dr. Tom Dawson


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